People with Disabilities

The Visitor Centre is accessible to all visitors. However, there are some steep slopes within the Park which makes it difficult for visitors in wheel chairs or on mobility scooters.  We therefore recommend that wheelchair and mobility scooter users do not go beyond the Visitor Centre.  Access to the Visitor Centre is free of charge.

The Park is located in a natural Cotswold valley with many and varied slopes and access into and around the Park is therefore also difficult for people who may be infirm on their feet or have walking difficulties. People with such walking difficulties should make their own evaluation before entering the Park.

Parking and drop off.  Visitors with disabilities can be dropped off just by the entrance to the Visitor Centre and then the car can be parked close by in the lower car park.

People with disabilities are charged the normal admission rates but their carers will be admitted at the reduced rate of £3.00.  This rate does not however apply to events when the event rates will be applicable.