Childrens Parties Special Offer!

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Gypsy Caravan bookings in May

Reduced to £70 from £120,

Teal, the Gypsy Caravan has proved to be a huge success for childrens parties.It has become a very popular venue and it is therefore advisable to book well in advance if you wish to secure a specific date.

It is ideal for childrens parties of up to 10 children and 3 adults for self catering parties there is an all inclusive discounted price of £70 for hire (Normally £120) and this includes entry to the park. It is provided complete with table, table cloth, cake stands and food baskets.

Few places can beat the Bird Park for a childs party, it's just a magical place!   Birds and animals roam freely and the children can get close in an informal setting, building confidence and awareness. Who knows, you may find a Turkey nesting in the wishing well, a peacock displaying on a tree or a baby fallow deer nibbling at your clothes, this can only happen at our Bird Park!

Teal is normally situated next to the miniature donkeys Toffee and Treacle during the summer and rare breed poultry are normally there to be part of every event.  A new flock of Barnacle Geese graze around the caravan and are wecoming to visitors.   Very rare Coscoroba Swans also grace this part of the park with their wonderful honks and whisltes and can be easily fed from your hand. 

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Teal is available for bookings 7 days a week. Phone the booking office Monday to Friday 9 to 5 on 01452 812727 for further details.

1.Entry to the park for 10 x children and 3 x adults.
2.Time of entry either 11.30 - 1.15 or 1:30 to 3:30pm